Greece, I see, has played such a role in my life,

though I just now realized it, odd in hindsight.

Aesop’s Fables come flooding back to my mind,

gorgeous memories, I was lucky to find.

And Homer’s love of story-telling, I feel,

Inspired mine to grow, the Achilles’ heel, 

of which is a feeling that I’m not quite skilled.

I gather tips from the greats, and look at closely

the beauty in life’s antithesis, puzzled mostly. 

I learned to innovate and reinvent the mold. 

and modernize from the past, New and Old. 

The stories of the Greek myths filled my childhood,

omnipresent as a god, helped like a saint would.

Yet what made Greece a part of my life forever

was its impact on sight, a feeling hard to sever

from my mind; after learning from this land,

at long last I got the godsent chance to visit,

the nation lay before my eyes and all its glory with it.