Neighbors, a Stone’s Throw Away

Spain and France are the most intriguing of neighbors,

with humble beginnings, Rome’s indentured labor.

Once divided in spirit, and always in land – 

nature bestowed divide, with her masterful hand. 

Their mountains stand majestic, kings in royal blue, 

skirts of snow lay on their heads, spiked with limestone hue. 

Their long foothills reach out wide, servants to the host

trying to grasp the Mediterranean coast.

Pyrenees naturally bound the two empires;

they played two roles, with and without a line of fire.

Once as a shield, now as a platform

for their barter – oh, how did that form?

Through centuries and centuries of relation, 

In a sea of great change between the two nations,

in policy, in ideas, in feelings of heart.

Now they stand, sharing their past in part.